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Fiji Continued on...
I just remember my father & brother going on the jet-ski & having the video camera in my hand. Should have been filming them. He says "Bula". I'm distracted by this 22-year-old Fijian male (In-charge of the jet-skiing). He was gorgeous & he thought my brother and I were twins yikes. I wonder if that was a referral to my immaturity, I hope that is not the case. It was sad not getting a chance to say "Good-bye", my family and I were already on the boat away from him yet he indicates to us his sending of love. Hands that touch his heart and were released, reaching out to us. I could of cried if I knew that was going to be "Good-bye". There was also this elder Fijian female, who made me a bracelet out of natural material; its black & white checkered. She was fill of warmth with her eyes glowing of sincerity. Why did we have to leave?
The trip into the ocean in search of islands & coral reef was spectacular apart from being sunburnt despite the worthy protection of sunblock. The ride was extreme, the boat flew through the air and crashed back down again, waves splashed into the boat leaving me & others saturated.
Fiji has a traditional drink "Kava", suppose to numb & sleep prolong the body. I have not tried it though but I bought 2 packets at the duty-free shop in Fiji before leaving for NZ.
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