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Awaken the soul

Read my thoughts,

Broken Wish list,

By in by this overridden time,

I live in fear,

When I close my eyes I can only pretend,

Tears die in my drowned thoughts,

I don’t want to speak nor do I really want to cry,

I can’t feel and it burns in the inside,

Choking away on something that was suppose to be my life,

My eyelids shut and all at once I become free again,

There’s nothing left no bitter pain,

Just the memories of how I changed on that very day,

Enclosed by a paralyzing disease,

That ate away whatever could be a precious memory,

If only these were the thoughts I could remember,

Instead I’m stuck with the faces of ones I may hate,

What did they do…tried to bury me alive,

Shaped the thought of “suicide”

One’s hand falls down and takes its final resting place,

A breath is lost but the air still continues.
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